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A tool to optimize your Windows system in many ways
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TweakNow PowerPack can help you optimize your system in many ways. For instance, it can check your registry for inconsistencies. Moreover, the tool can also let you access multiple system settings that aren’t easily found. The program has a nice tabbed interface, which makes it quite easy to find the desired feature. It’s also good that it comes with a comprehensive help file.

Fortunately, if you don’t want to waste time running scans separately, you can go straight to the first tab, called “Quick Optimizer” and simply check the areas you want to get optimized or fixed. The following tab is Troubleshooting and it is intended to rebuild icon cache and reset Internet settings to Windows default. Next, there’s Windows Secret, from which you can tweak a long list of system parameters you couldn’t access otherwise.

In my opinion, the Windows Cleaner tab deserves most of the attention, because such important features as Disk Cleaner, Registry Defragmenter, Secure Delete, Track Cleaner, Disk Usage Analyzer, Registry Cleaner, Startup Manager and Uninstall Program are available there. They have a great impact on restoring performance by finding faulty registry entries, erasing junk files, wiping activity traces and defragmenting the registry. Moreover, they can help you erase files beyond recovery to preserve your privacy. They may also come in handy if you need to make a better use of the available disk space and uninstall applications without leaving the registry full of leftovers.

In another tab, labeled “Miscellaneous tools”, you can find other features, including Autoshut down, which allows you to schedule various shutdown options. Moreover, you can create temporary shortcuts to disc drives on your desktop, just like in Mac and Ubuntu. Besides, there’s a task manager, with various advantages in relation to Windows built-in tool. My favorite feature of those available from this tab is Virtual Desktop, which allows me to have four desktop screens and run different applications on each of them. Finally, the program can also provide an overview of hardware specifications.

All in all, Tweak Now Power Pack is a great solution in terms of optimizing and tweaking Windows features. It successfully scanned my system and actually fixed some problems. Fortunately, it allows scheduling this type of scans, and if you fear the application can damage your system, you should know that it can be set to make a backup of your registry, from which you can restore your system to its previous state. It’s a pity that some benchmarking tests available online don’t place Tweak Now Power Pack among the most effective of its kind; however, it’s less expensive than other similar tools.

Pedro Castro
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  • It has a nice easy-to-use interface
  • It’s inexpensive
  • It includes multiple features
  • It has comprehensive help documentation
  • It schedules the scan process


  • Some benchmarking tests available online don’t place Tweak Now Power Pack among the most effective of its kind
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